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Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Sun Flower Worhsip

The mystery of the sunflower   
Lay bare, like a prophet with calling    
What we take for granted  

And I do worship the sun  
Believe me, I do, Stonehenge stands as altar  
The sun flower tells me to  

The colour of the sky tells me to    
The trees, the birds, in the forest  
And the weather systems tells me to  

And the seasons sing in praise    
Winter tells me to      
Beach benches tells me to    

Believe me I do worship the sun   
Like daffodils, bright in fields  
Spring tells me to, life tells me to  

I do worship the sun
I am a sun worshipper 
The sun flower worship 

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  1. Lovely, aren't sunflowers beautiful, too!

  2. this is one cool twist on the prompt...nice

  3. I love your take, so pretty! I loved the view of the seasons and the magic of nature~ So beautiful~

  4. Nice tribute to the flower by the sun worshipper..

  5. Beautiful. I love all those things as well - we live in miracles!

  6. You know, I never thought about it quite like this - everything does point us to worship the sun!

  7. They are something to adore...sunflowers...they represent so many positive things....love this Kodjo!

  8. "Beach benches tells me to" should be "tell"


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