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Friday, 15 July 2011

The Concrete Jungle

Parables of the jungle   
To be caught off guard, loosing out     
Back to the end of lines food chains  

I live in a concrete jungle   
Mega cities of deep steel forestation  
With glass clouds of sky scrappers   

Where the very rich grow wings like birds   
And live on the tallest nest of concrete trees   
Safe and secured with comfort of paint-house view  

Sounds of cars and population chatter   
Echoes in these forest  in mumbling rush   
Like a wave's grand entrance unto shorelines

While pollution on the streets 
Is only matched by that of the cows 
With their moo and back farts, greenhouse gas    

At night fall the hunters do gather
Picking on the vulnerable 
Who missed a safety spot to lay their rest 

The wilder-beast who fell behind on migration.  
Crocodile tears shared in the pond of habitation, 
It is the vultures and eagles that lurk above taunting 

Surrounding encircling before invading lions
To catch vulnerability off guard  
I live in a concrete jungle 

That is just what it is, a concrete jungle 
Cars become birds with their horn blow 
Bicycles become insects with flyby 
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  1. True, all true. Like the rich with their nests high above everyone else :)

  2. I really like the second stanza. Great description!

  3. nice...love the jungle man...the city has a pulse and you caught it...

  4. powerful imagery!

  5. agreed, well done entry, visiting from poets untied.

  6. Your created a very vivid image. This piece is awesome!!

  7. Urban jungle = Urban Creativity. Nicely done.

  8. Captivating! "I live in a concrete jungle"- well penned!

    Erick Flores

  9. Some really great images here: steel forestation, etc. A lot of truth and insight combine to make a fine poem.

  10. I love your take on the prompt! The hunting imagery was wonderful~


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