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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Spaceship Touch Down

I had my last supper of 2011 
Breakfast came in 2012 new 
This was a journey of odyssey 

I am a travelling man 
Travelling through time 
On a spaceship, a long while 

I am a spaceman in space suit  
Calling out on mission control 
Spacestation to mission control  

We have touch down, landing site  
Through time wormhole to new lands 
Touch down we have, on time travels 

Turbulence came like 
A dance with the bull 
A run in Pamplona from calenders of before 

But we have touch down, touch down we have 
Spaceman calling out to mission control 
We have touch down on new lands in new times 


  1. it goes with the picture, about journeys, life
    enjoy gooseberry day!


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