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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Protest

When the locals, gather as workmen
In the canteens of so little 
To meal themselves with warmth of tea

Ready to line a rally on the city lane 
No political manoeuvre, of sweet talk 
Would spin the concerns of the masses 

The streets will soon be covered with the worker aunts 
Picketing, bickering, demanding their bare necessity 
From the suited, out of touch, politicians 

Who  still peddle lip service 
And talking tough 
On  jettison horse dung  

When the bite hits had on pockets   
And tightened belts just leads to 
More tightening belts, to job loss 

While the cream at the top get 49.9% pay rise 
Just to say they were considerate enough 
To the little people, not to hit the 50% mark 

And local men, worker bees and aunts 
Ponder on outcomes, sleeps not at night 
Fearing what tomorrow holds 

This wave of unemployment 
Will soon grace our doors, it is a dark cloud 
Like the black death's epidemic 

Do they think we protest 
For the fun of it, just as a right to 
Talking it down, as just a phase, like a youthful rebellion  

24 hours of protestation and it will all be over 
These aunts, bees would be back at work 
And nothing would have changed, but just a dump squib  

Except for the enforcement of the cuts
Snobbish to the little people 
Who's survival are foreign to their concept 

Politicians should be jailed 
For gross professional "suit without substance"
Criminal misconduct of mismanagement 

To have brought about the death of the economy 
Just as the doctor faces his for t' same in a sense 
Why get away with Hippocratic oaths 

Instead t' behave  with pomposity, t' write books to sell after 
About their misdeeds selling out each other 
Duplicity on reflection, like thieves without honour, is new 

Do you think we line on rally lanes in mob 
Just as a procession, a fashion statement 
Just because we have the right to 

And we like doing the river dance 
Do you think, really I ask
Mate, seriously do you really think 
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  1. An amazing historical poem!

  2. dramatic scene,
    what a powerful take.
    it fits our life in many levels.

  3. It is really easy for the opposition to twist things and get this kind of protest isolated from the main process. It is essential to politicize it for continuity of effort. Unfortunately that takes very different energy and skill sets. Most of the people in the streets do not want to do that, in fact are in the streets against the politics as much as the issues and want the changes to be magical and right now.

  4. i like the concept of having a Hippocratic type of oath imposed on the politicians. the problem with politicians today is that they are professional, and were meant to serve the people, and then get out and someone else had a chance. like this, they get enmeshed in their system, and in the graft of the lobbyists who are mostly the powerful rich and minority.

  5. Very powerful... And liking it simply because for someone who have limitations of the language, its simplicity is awesome!..


  6. Powerful writing here......so much wisdom and courage in your post!!


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