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Saturday, 6 February 2010

First Love

He will break glasses 
To allow tensions 
To shatter unspoken verses..

Quite was the room, 
Silence engulfing 
Lips stitched together..

Stamped with padlocks,..
Awe with mouths

Opened up ajaw..

Ghosts are not seen 
In daylight, it is an unwritten rule..
So he blinked twice to assure himself..

These eyes are not telling porkies..
Pica boo, in hide and seek
Now you see me, now you don't

It has happened before..
Once when he saw a match..
Could have sworn, it was her, 

Who he knew, from before..
So he called out in names ..
But the shadow walked on..

Like a deaf man being sang to..
He made chase, 
And tapped stranger's shoulders,

Sorries followed after..
' Your shadow reminds me of an old flame'..
He said in apologies

He had every reason to be cautious ..
It has been ten calenders, in a decade ..
Since he set eyes on her blossom beauty ..

The one that, first flew, 
His love's nest, 
Her knowing he never forgot 

His sweaty palms confesses ..
First love never dies..
First love never dies 

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