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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

London to Vince with Love

We will set sail on waters through t' city,..
Exchanging bumpy potholes for floatation..
As we swim in boats , in gentle melody..

Entwined, like caramel a' chocolate in one melt..
Chauffeured along by Pavarotti, he sings..
Lovers songs, collaborations with t' rivers voice..

T' good old lady, with old romance..
Will smile, with content of t' love..
We share, she will tell us of t' best..
Spots in t' city, to caress as one..

We will walk the narrow lanes 
That brings us closer together..
In alley ways, with perfect spots for our first kiss or two..
On steps that symbolises growth in love..

I will capture funny memories of you ..
On cameras and you will of me..
A stranger will gladly do us the honour..
Capturing our moment of tranquillity,..

In-front of the unending web rivers of love..
We will wear mask and dance in ballrooms..
We will dine at t' river front, overseeing t' sunset..
We will have caricatures painted of us..
By t' old man, who sits at t' edge of bridge..

We will stand in front of t' old church,..
A' pledge our love to each other..
We will day dream of our future together..
How many babies to have 

A' make plans for joyous memories..
We will say these are t' stories our ..
Offspring's will come to know..
When we went to Vince 

We will wish to be no where, but right here..
By t' edge of river, hand in hand..
With time stood still, lying in each others arms..
We will make love memories, in Venice..


  1. great job. You really took the reader on a journey.


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