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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

My Childhood Memories

I remember, I remember..
The mango tree..
Where it stood majestically..
In the back garden..

Not sure when I first,  made climb..
But always knew the best place..
To rest, was on the branch ..
That hangs to the west at noon..

I remember, I remember..
My fast feet and sticky fingers..
Like spider man, super hero..
I was the mango tree hero..

On top of t' world when
I reached t' highest branch
I was the wall lizard, ..

Quick like bolts on tracks..

I remember, I remember..
T’ peanut cake candy..
With melted sugar..
I man, the chef in the kitchen,
It left a scarre on my feet..

I remember, I remember..
My childhood memories..
When all I had to worry about..
Was who, got to the ripest mango first,..

I remember, I remember..
The joys of ..
My childhood memories..
So long gone, but so close to me


  1. I like this--it has a real feel of being a child, of having fun effortlessly. That seems to get harder and harder as we age. I like this line especially "...I was the mango tree hero.."
    Good stuff.

  2. Love the repetition of I remember, I remember....this could be a song....thank you...bkm

  3. Thank you for visiting The Friday Forgotten and linking your post. Your imagination and creativity should never lie dusty in a dark corner of your blog. We are happy to help clear away the cobwebs.

    Ah you did well to capture a youth lost. Memories are splendid and sad all at the same time. I wish I coudl too be a kid again. wonderful poem!

  4. I like your Remembering poem, I got a chuckle when I read the line...'Like spiderman..super hero..I was the mango tree hero.." ; )

  5. A very sweet look back at the young lad in the mango tree............I also like the repetition of "I remember, I remember"......well done!

  6. high branches were always the most desired...It brought back memories for me too.

  7. still reading through those linked to the celebration...this was a wonderful, uplifting read, that does tinge with sadness at the times we have let go...cheers pete

  8. Childhood should hold good memories! Very nice write!

  9. fun memories recalled.
    well done.


  10. Nicely done, I like the photo too. Not sure if this is a true story, and whether the picture has you in it. But it rings true, and for me that is what makes it such pleasure to read. Wonderful job of narration, you draw the reader right into your memories. Enjoyed this immensely.

  11. Love this! "Mango tree hero"... indeed :-)

  12. i wish i had a childhood like yours, especially the mango tree

  13. mango tree?

    what a juicy imagery.

  14. I loved climbing trees too - love this poem!

  15. used to climbing trees a lot.

    love this piece. smiles.



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