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Monday, 8 February 2010

A Kiss in Paris

Oh la la..
Off to Paris leaving behind..
Old rainy London, ..
We sail in minis,on seas of asphalt,..
tar-macing on voyagers maps..

Oh w' beauties behold..
t' old English countryside..
with moos, baas and oink, oink,..
grazing on contours,..
of carved earth in flows floatation..
cruising as we do, long way to Paris..

Summer hippies we are,..
flowers in hairs,..
Old songs, sang of love a'..
#cam a, cam a Camilla..
In distorted symphonies in karaokes..

Destination t' Eiffel tower..
but for now, Faulty towers..
serves us breakfast,..
in beacons and barked beans..

Oh la la , on on we ride..

Such fine wine in French vineyards awaits..
under the sunny blue sky, dotted clouds ..
Mapped directions of t' Eiffel tower..

Love waits in impatience..
A kiss under t' tower bridge in Paris,..
on the 5th day at noon in June..
was le pari love made in winter..

Across borders..
onto ferries a' beyond to Paris..
A sneaky kiss under t' Eiffel tower,..
Is worth the journey of old romance in blessed love..
Oh la la..


  1. lol a romantic kd ....?? real good bro as per usual....oh la la

  2. very romantic...reminded me of my experiences in Paris.

  3. lovely....i so want to visit paris...and perhaps steal a kiss or three while i am there...very nicely done...

  4. amazing i wish i was in paris with the man i love :(


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