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Monday, 15 February 2010

Her Tango Romance

I was never out there looking..
She just caught me on fire..
She threw her candle wax in, slowly she burned..
Displaying spectacles of seductive batting..

Colours of her flame will s'd any man into trance..
Even the most cynics amongst men..
Will free fall in weakness..
I was never out there looking, you see..

She danced an African dance,..
Throwing her arms in the air, like hypnosis..
With her colourful mask worn..
She danced like a ballerina, on her best night..

I never went out there looking,..
She just caught me on fire..
And I felt her heated wax, it warmed me..
Slowly it raised my temperature a' inflamed my heart..

I was never out there looking,..
That  moonlight night when salsa and tango..
Formed the common grounds..
For classical and tribal dance fusion..

I was never out there looking,..
To have found a gem, that shines so bright..
In the end I was just caught on fire,..
Warming up into her calling out..

I responded with delight, aplauda aplauda
And moved my feet, strong like a conquistador

As we danced the night till dawn..
The next morning she was gone, just like mystrey


  1. Delicious write...yes like a candle...I especially like "she danced an African dance,
    throwing her arms in the air, like hypnosis"...

  2. I like the repetition of 'I was never out there looking' - it sounds so real.

  3. You don't have yo be out ther looking it just grabs you - that's the power of dance for you and you summed it up nicely. I couldn't avoid the tango either!

  4. As jabblog said, I love the repetition of the line "I was never out there looking..." It drives the thought home and has a nice rhythm.

  5. as a dancer myself. u gave me a good way to remember those days. im not as good as her tho. love it!


  6. Oh, I like this one. And the title most of all.


  7. Doesn't she know things always happen when we're not looking...and when we're feeling every move we make....moving in feeling...oh the things that can happen!

  8. Dancing till dawn? Another sleepless night then! LOL

  9. your repeated lines gave it a very interesting touch....enjoyed this...


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