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Saturday, 27 February 2010

What is Blue, In shades of Blue

Contradictions of one's thoughts...
A symbol of calmness..
A' of despair..
A coin of two sides,..

A ying and a yang,..
A spilt personality ,..
A clear sky,..
A feeling of blue...

Of veins that carries..
My vital fluid of Being..

Everyone ascribes..
To its ray in parts,..
It is natural,..

Symbolises warmth a' melancholy..
Embodies T' good, t' bad and t' ugly..
In names of films a' chips..
In oceans and seas..

Oh I,..
T' contradiction of thy pigment..
Is nothing more than a totality..
Of human nature,..

With lighter moods brighter it's deem..
Fixated in darkened moods..
Darker it's deem in darkened grip..
What is blue, in shades of blue..

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