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Friday, 19 February 2010

I Love Life

I love life,..
Wish youth was forever..
A' death was never known..

I fight off the dying day..
It brings me close to deaths door..

I sing loud this joy of noon..
This would be a good memory..

To have..

Did I hear t' Buddhist, ..
Speak of reincarnation..
I will change my religion..
To that of his..

In me sits an old soul..
Older than the sculpture..
That embodies it's breath ..

Something tells me ..
This is just a chapter..
More of it to come..

Does t' cat knows..
It is blessed with nine lives..
What will be t' fun in knowing..

Like the Queens appreciation 
For my last penny, 
She knows not what it feels like..

I Love life ..
Wish youth was forever ..
A' death was never known ..


  1. Nice orbit of words - to discuss, whether religions which dangle the bait of renewed, new or eternal life are just playing with our basic urge to survive? Just thinking out loud!!


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