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Saturday, 20 February 2010

The Holy Church Mouse

I walk in toes in-between..
Legs of the faithful..
I hear their praises ..
Hallelujah song, sang  high..

My domain is a castle..
Crosses stands as my emblem..
I hear their voices..
Words of love they share..
I see their faces, ..
Body language of caring..

In silent rooms,..
I hear their confessions..
Remorse trembling with every word..
Said, spoken in whispers ..

Thee, you are forgiven
Joys expressed over burdens lifted..
Light as a feather ..

Though, I know not to..
Show my face,..
It scares them all..
I live in this house..
My domain is a castle..
My emblem Crosses..
My reputation still casts..
Shadows on my holiness..

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