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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Dearly departed love

My beetle bee
In summer, you were my saddle ride,..
My sunflower bright and friends...
O friend, O friend 

In winter my carriage horse,..
We made it through bad weathers,..
Keeping my seat warm,..
On snow slippery roads slide,..

When shofar horns called out..
Chauffeurs, Seans and Viennas made of us,..
Riding to London to see the princesses..
And the prince in Royal Berkshire..

Beautiful like an Arabian princesses..
You had all the looks,..u bug..
Skin tone, summery green yellowish bright,..
O stop it you bug 

You stood out, 
To be seen a mile away, a rebel...
Like the odd gem out, steering me to the left ..
To the right with bravado tease 

I had a dream and in my dream..
I saw you float, flying like a bee ..
When I woke you were gone..
My bug, my beetle bee 

My beetle bee,..
Smooth like the Beatles music..
Smooth rides in cruze..
Summers the best with sparkle 

You always made my day bright..
And for that, my dear friend
You will be dearly missed..
Beetle bee, my beetle you 
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  1. nice new page! hope you are well...

  2. Oh so touching! No friend like one's trusty Wheels! I love those bugs - they look almost human! Great poem!

  3. Ever hear "I'm In Love With My Car" by Queen? LOL!

    Nice ode to your inanimate friend, Kodjo!

  4. Very cool poem! We do spend a lot of time in our trusty rides, ofttimes chatting away to them as we drive; they are good friends...LOL!

  5. Parting is such sweet sorrow--if you are getting a better car; otherwise, it's hard to fall in love with a bus.

  6. Wow, nice tribute to the ride that gave you freedom!

  7. This was clever; I love the idea of the magic carpet ride~ Well Done~

  8. What a beautiful tribute to your Beetle Bee! A car is indeed a man's best friend. I hope you find another car just like her.

  9. Kodjo,
    I enjoyed sharing your thoughts about that beautiful VW Beetle!

    Great words....


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