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Sunday, 28 February 2010

The Wind surfer

I choose to surf..
The wings of the furthest branch..
I was alive..
I felt alive..
I am alive..

I danced with every

That rained on me..
This was living, excitement adrenaline..

No I would not Hosay..
No way would I Hosay ..
Be like the bulky tree trunk..
Fitting in pigeon holes..
Only to be moved..
Once a while by storms
Mine was a short life..
This was my gift from time..
So I surf the wings of the furthest branch..
And when I weather, browned and fall..

I know mine was a life lived..
I felt alive..
And danced with the breeze..


  1. what a wonderful life

  2. I love the life and spirit and sense of flight in this poem! It abounds with life! Keep soaring those heights!

  3. I understand. It is a good thing to LIVE one's life doing the things that bring one joy! I feel the same way. I enjoyed your poem, Kodjo.

  4. This is an incredible lesson wrapped in the beauty of windsurfing. Love this!
    I want to fly, too! :)


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