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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Love's Quest

When did love become my quest..
When was it my heart  started to yen..
For this feeling, of love's romance ..

When did I,  first have a crush..
For food to stay, on tables tops ..
While I day dream,  a dreamers desire
Hoping and wishing, on wishing wells ..

Just for a glance and without words..
To have known, my love, for you..
Save me, the mumbling chat, 
With broken nerves, oh once so grace 

When was it, we first walked on courtship..
The playground paths, 
hand in hand ..
And knew in feelings felt on chemistry ..

What we  have is just between us two..
"friary tales, we could make our own"..

When was it I first tasted apples..
How it felt, in my felt mouth's joy..
With every bite, my teeth sunk into..
Pleasure in companionship, set on priceless tag

When was it, I  became overwhelmed ..
With the beauty, of a feminine temple...
And skins as soft as silky touch...

When was it, I came to know..
Love of romance, and it's grip on I
To have known my life as now..
With loves grace, so  freely offered ..

Like the sun light, sun ray, to man ..
When did Love
Become my Quest

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