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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Fools Paradise

The stunting of time standing by slowly..
Like a domestic bliss..
Abused, fearful of consequences..
Frozen fingers into inaction..

Days unending, in "illusion"..
The sun, as you were..
Nightfall, falling out of the Milky Way..
It leaves no shadow on the day..

In endless days..
A fallen apple never reaches t' ground..
Suspended in space..
Waves reversing upstream..
Against currents..

Feeling stoned on LSD without draw backs..
Roads with no signs, no turns, no T junctions..
Caught in perpetual roundabouts..
Lego houses of t' same..
Size shape colour all in line..

"Evident" of actions without reactions..
Courses without effect..
No price paid..

Jerky, kooky, loony, "tragic"

Ludacrous  in thoughts and actions
A fool's life living in a foolish paradise 


  1. I bet it would have been a real rich life !
    Absolutely unique and exciting imagery ..

  2. Ah... I think the fool's life suited him nicely. You illustrated it well. Here is my 3WW contribution:

  3. Sheilagh lee said:You illustrated the fool's life wonderfully in that poem.Wonderful prose.

  4. I enjoyed the imagery in each stanza. Nicely written.


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