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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Paradigm of Love

Have you ever loved,lost and loved again..
thinking you have learnt from mistakes..
only to have lost again..

Have you ever found yourself so paranoid..
about loving, refusing to give your love away..
again, oh not again..

Have you ever been around the one you love..
left it too late, with stutter and watched another..
Sneak in like a theft at night to be ..
The one with her love..

Have you ever felt an emotional pain in your heart,..
that feels so physical, it seats on your chest, like forever..
Have you ever loved and lost and lost hmmm..
and felt that was your true love gone..

Have you ever given up on love ..
only to be blown away..
by the smile and spirit of new love..

Are you filled with loves experience..
from having to have ever loved..
Then you know, you have loved..
lost and loved again in loves paradigm. ..

This is no ordinary, sales man's call
No cold calling, just tailor made to fit hearts
Love's sales call, in special offer
Cupid in suit by the door
Ahhhh, how it feels to love..
And love and love again 

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