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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Love's feeling

Shimmering shadows..
Of unforeseen deeds..
But the Q’s still remains..
Was it really unforeseen..

Hunger blinds the taste buds..
A few sour grabes swallowed
Leaving bad tastes in t' mouth

From the side of an eye..
Evidence of what was..
To come lingered,..
Like clouds before the storm..

While I sat watching..
Suddenly being overwhelmed by
Every emotion this feeling is giving..

How far we have come on this voyage, ..
Now I am losing my senses..
I am without reasoning..
And the heart feels heavy..

Sweats engulfs my awaking sleep..
Painfully wanting..
For more of this crave..

When finally the morning comes..
I will scum to the weakness ..
I am feeling for loves want..
A' be consumed into perpetuity..
In loves arms..


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