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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I don't ask for Much

I Don't ask for too much,..
Coz then u get too much,..
T' u have to do much,..
Rematch, re-do,..
Just to get it right, righteo..

Much I do to get on by,..
By March we getting close to spring,..
Springs in my steps, steps taken to proceed,..
Proceeds got to be saved,..
Served secrets of how the rich got richer,..
Ask Richy rich, his richly rich..

Still I don't ask for too much,..
Greens are nice like cash money,..
Green eyes are not,..
Like not funny monsters...

I am content with the contents,..
In containers that contains..
What I have got,..

My contains are cryptic, in incognito..
T' rest of my containings, are concentrate..
“n please concentrate don't let me loose u”..
It is to be diluted hence,..
Populated to realise it's full glory..

Still I don't ask for much, too much,..
Just much, in aqua n air..
Is all I need, to get on by..

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