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Friday, 12 February 2010

Three Amigos

Snow holds, ice frozen, in  photographic shot 
Two and a half women stands for a shot
The memories of old past, three amigos
Timely remainders, of life in  black a' white captured

Steps on frozen river's ice skate 
Joy captured in time capsules 
Some  amigos are long, long gone now
Some  are long forgotten now

Life on time cue cards  
Playing balancing act
Of who to have in memories 
What with so many new amigos born

The parks are silence
No longer encroached by 
Old Victorian fashion 
Their lives our of alien thought to us

Until the  black and white picture 
Brings snow trio amigos back to life again
A  posture with smiles on their faces 
Like a silent  Charlie Chaplin movie seen

All we can do is watch and imagine 
Of what good times the old amigos
The lost once, had before silence 
Became of their youth


  1. Oh, yes, I love three and a half women! My little "Auntie" as we used to call her, was only 4'10" tall. She really was only half!

  2. Nice thoughts of friends, 3 1/2 of them... well done, circa Charlie Chaplain days of yore...

  3. I feel so nostalgic reading your poem, like stepping right into those silent reels.

  4. I like the playful feel of this, just touching on the past.

    Very enjoyable piece.

  5. Beautiful. I bet shorty was the leader.

  6. This was a moving piece and in many ways it is awesome that Tess' Auntie is known to Tess. I wish I knew my ancestoral relatives like that.

  7. My sisters and I were known as The Three Musketeers .... we were amigos too.

  8. I had to laugh at "two and a half women". I think, too, that she was the leader of the other two amigos. She's short, but she looks like she could order them around.

  9. Love the line "life on time cue cards"... says so much.


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