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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Pancake day

Wrap it up, 
Pack it up..
Stack it up, ..
Zrooooom goes t' van..

Park it up,..
Drop it up..
Down I mean..
Signed sealed delivered...

 Swing it up, 

Shake it up,..
Flap it up, Flip it up, flip it down  

Roll it up..
Its a pan cake day

Knock knock, who is there 
open the door, open the door
Don't drop it up,..
Down I mean..
For the floor is slippery..

Pan it up, 

Mix it up,..
Oozing it down, 

Warm it up,..
Plate it up,..
Honey drops drips,..
On it slides, smooth slides 

Its a Pan cake day,..
Eat it up, 
Yaaam it down..
Munch it up..
Gorge it down

Just pack it up,..
Plates I mean,..
Wash it up..
After you yaam it all in..

Nice, nice 
It's a pan cake day!..

Then its all done,
Done deal,..
Pancakes for handshakes,..
All in for the happiness.


  1. big smiles. this was a delight to read...and props on having your daughter help...my youngest son loves pancakes...about the only thing he will eat for breakfast....

  2. Such a lovely capture of movement in this poem.

  3. This was so playful! I loved the rhythm of it =)

  4. This was a lot of fun, playful word use. And, my kids said it made them want pancakes.

  5. This was a delight to read, and it looks like too much fun to flip those pancakes in the air. Now I want some pancakes! :)

  6. It made me want pancakes for lunch. I won't repeat what my husband the cook said. Fun


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