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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Love in Necta

Love is entwined,..
Caramel a' chocolate,..
Melting in one, in t' mouth..
W' creamy silky juicy feel to it Hmmm,..
Ahhh, like cashmere robe..
Worn on a rainy cold day..
Indoors by t' fire place ..
W' room cushy soft slippers..

Love is like the nectar ..
Of flowers, full of sweetness,..
But never enough to get drunk on..
It is like t' bees that make t' honey..
Taken out of t' equation, there is no honey..

Love is moonlight, but before,..
T' sun will have to shine..
Like t' last and first dominoes,..
That completes t' falls..
It is dependent on t' in-between domino..

Love is like t' rose stem w' thorns t' holds t' flower,..
It is genesis of struggles, sacrifice included..
It is t' end, that is celebrated ..
Like t' 14th, coming after 364 days..

Love is like t' bee that stings..
To protect it's honey ..
It dies in t' process ..
Love is shared a' expressed..
To be experienced a' felt ..

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