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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Streets of Accra

Sounds on t' streets, like chaotic mix,..
Mashed up, into echoes of melodies, vibrant melody,..
Being alive, feeling alive, blowing horns in ears..
Personal space, “what personal space”,..
We are not in t' Queens chambers, oh Qs men ..

Circles, circles, Nkrumah circle, Rawlings park..
I stand in Makola, this is t' battle ground drawn, ..
Freedom to dance to t' beats, ..
Freedom!, freedom is yours forever!!..
Prepare to battle in walk, ..
Stages set on heads for shops..
Where shops n roads ends in undefined ways.

Seas of ocean waves of people, ..
Fishes of cars, survival of t' fittest,..
Find your riddim and dance to it, ..
Swaying through like gladiators, ..
Instinct becoming sharp, reflex is an art form...

If you bleep, like blink on momentum,
holding hands, you out, search the crowd..
I will await for you on t' other side. ..

It's a wrestling march, be it a wresting march..
Pushing and shoving, bravados and bluffs ..
“Charle aden, me niaba ku-wa ku-wa”..
Get stack in it m8 or stand still till dawn,..

Being pushed and shoved ...

That is just, to get on t' wagon wheel..
No grounds for superiority,
Nor special treatment for the elite..
Young, old, rich, poor, man, woman...
All in it with adrenaline, sweat is perfumery ..

And when I get to t' other side of  the waterfalls,..
I can't wait to get back at it again...
That is the streets of Accra
The streets of Accra for you, chaotic mix

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