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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Would I lie to you (Happy Valentine)...

Would I lie to you (Precious)..
Fingers crossed behind my back..
Never Love,..
Never would I lie to you (Darling)..

A box of chocolates..
12 red roses..
A bottle of wine..
A reservation at t' Michelin restaurant..

Would I lie to you (Dear)..
The shoe box under the bed..
Is not for you..
The dinner dress you saw in the shop..
Is still there ..

Oh I forgot it was valentine..
Would I lie to you (Pumpkins )..
The hire car company,oh that was..
Just the wrong number(Babes)..

Would I lie to you (Hun )..
And build a fountain of romantic joy..
Right under your nose ..
And hide it from you..

This 14th would I lie to you (Sweetness)..
So I can surprise you..
With romance..
Just so you know..
I am Mr Romantic, oh yea..
A sucker for Your Love

Still would I lie to you
My Beautiful Gorgeous Bo

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