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Sunday, 21 February 2010

My Trouser Positions

When I am with grey hair..
I shall wear my trousers, up high..
I shall always have my shirt, neatly tucked in..
I shall wear wool, wool lots of wool..

I shall have two glasses..
One to see and one to read..
I shall wake early, earlier than I ever did..
Because I fell asleep on the couch..
Earlier than I ever did before ..

I shall wake early, 
To greet the milk man..
When I am old ..
I shall walk slowly..
But always have time for the park..

For on the park..
I shall see the generations that wear..
Their trousers, well below their waist lines..
street cred” they say, for the street cred, they say..

And those before them that..
Wear theirs on their waist line ..
And then for those, those of my age..
With theirs  well up high ..

Then it will occur to me,..
those of my age, had shrunk, shrunk alot..
Yet wear the same size trousers, same tailor made..
For they carry sentiments, memory and joy 

It will all, then make sense to me, ..
Why I have my trousers so up high..
That is why I will never stop wearing my, " size 36 long".
My medals to hang on the chest pockets, with pride..

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  1. This is wonderful! I like the nod to "I Shall Wear Purple." The picture is great too. I always wondered why old men wore their pants up to their necks, and now you've explained it! Great job!

  2. I love your wonderful observation, and determination to grow old gracefully. Trousers up high are warmer and more comfortable, but they are increasingly hard to find in shops.

  3. nice...you will be good company at that age...nice textures and you will be styling with those pants up high...smiles.

  4. J. Alfred Prufrock has nothing on you! This is indeed a wonderful expansion of a detail into a stunning poem.

  5. Ah, so THAT explains it! Excellent poem.


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