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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Before My Birth

When I was young 
Before my birth 
I never knew of the EDL nor the BNP  

Before my birth, in wombs of cradle..
When all love I knew...
Was from mother's loving feel..

Father's knowing, of my existence..
If so wish, was a touch 
On mothering womb..

I knew not of cold, always with warmth..
I knew not of hanger, nor of despair..
I cried not a tear..

I knew not of hatred, nor of class..
That of greed and of jealousy..
I feared not of death, nor of sin..

I carried, none of my fathers..
Weakness and fear
And his before him..

I saw, no colour of man..
And none saw of me as I was..
Well, how would I have " seen"  ..

I cursed no man..
And none did me..
Well how could I have " heard"

Before my birth..
I knew no man, nor of sin..
Well how could I have " known"
Before my birth..
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  1. Excellent write. You caught the meaning of the prompt in every word.


  2. We are so innocent at birth ... wish the world could keep some of these traits of non-judgement. Nice take ...


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