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Thursday, 1 April 2010

He once was a genius, In April fool

A friend once said to me...
He found himself thinking, he said..
Like so many before me, you know..
I just found my self thinking

OK fair enough, I said, in said reply..
Fair enough, we all do the wondered 

Thinking sometimes..
Mind you, Just "sometimes" , I say..
Don't go misquoting me now..

Go on then, lay down your thinking 

Cup in cards play, on the table, I said..
He looked, nodded his head..

Sure now, to some level..
That I am not, now going to think..
Of him to be loosing his marbles..

If he said, “
If it rained half the amount
It does on this here Island of the
Queens country” he said..

He has got a point..
My man is on to something..
Awaiting in suspense on the..
Edge of my seat,  for the punch line..

My man is a genius in thinking..
Drum beats in waiting, was I, in anticipation ..
My man is unto something, in saying..

Would the parks still be green?” He said..
Is that it, seriously, you can not be serious..
Seriously leaving me, hanging in suspense like that..
I said to my man ..

He looked and shook his head..
Looking at me with the '
Now look'..
You must be loosing you marbles
 m8”, He said..
If you don't think that, that is original enough

My man,  just took me on a jokers fun park ride..
All while I was still, seat, sat where it all begun..
My man, once was a genius..

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