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Friday, 30 April 2010

Freedom is free, but yet so dear

Freedom is free, but yet so dear..
Borders constrain..
Yet keep, I man safe..

Clothes are a bore..
For which to wear, I know not why..
Yet for society, it so required..

Life in merry making...
Life as a rolling stone..
Why not, why not..
If for joy is gained from it..
Why not, for life I merry make..

Pot is for high..
A feeling it gives, of ecstasy joy..
Hippie is for peace, loving harmony..
If for only, youth was forever..
And life's burden was benumb..

Freedom of speech of notions and sentence 
For what words I can pronounce 
If to make my point be heard 
But yet not all, there is, that is said
For a notion in words can instigate chaos 

So I would build a fence of principal guide..
To see me through..
These paths of life,..
 I walk on by..

If for only life's burden was benumb..
And freedom was free..
And never so dear..
But, freedom is free, and yet so dear..


  1. So I build a fence of principal guide..
    To see me through..
    These paths of life, I walk on by.

    not that piece felt like music to my eyes

  2. Interesting interpretation of this prompt. :<)

  3. LOVE the line

    "freedom is free, and yet so dear"

    great take on the prompt!

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