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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Favor Friend

Favor friend, favor friends ..
Always wanting favors....
Seek seeking favors..
Always in after favours..
Siphoners, in always after want..
After favors, after favors..

And there, they come knocking..
At the break of dawn before the sun wake..
Friend oh friend, open up oh friend..
Yes I am here,here, in for a favor oh friend"....

So why oh favor friend..
I see not you, on my door step..
When thunder backs woof..
And rain drops in water falls..

To invade my tranquil den,..
In darkened clouds, yes why not then.. 
I see not you oh favor friend..
As in need as in did 

Do you read my horoscope in star sign..
Or check with the weather man..
Would it be that you are of the sixth sense..
On my state of being at always..

Oh favor friend, favor friend..
Why not when I am in need..
Down on my luck, favor friend..
Always just when in want, seeking favor..

You darkened my door step in shadow..
Oh favor friend, favor friend 
For you, is need for help all you know..
To acquaint my service to o favor friend 

1 comment:

  1. Brilliant colors in this song of the favor friend. Nicely done!


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