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Friday, 2 April 2010


What does it matter..
When summers gardens..
Only last long just for a season..

And Ice sculpture, melts to liquid..
In warm weather..
What does it matter..

When the brides, golden dress..
Only worn, to be seen in a day..
What of friends, blood-pact friends..

In on youth, we will always forever be friends..
Lost now, in webs of maze..
Over something, not even sure why..
What does it matter..

What does it matter..
When birth becomes death..
Eternal lights, held alight, in on gas pipes..

Vincent van Gogh, lives only after death..
Nightfalls in darkness, becomes of the..
Sunset golden..

And Rome's Colosseum is left ruined..
What does it matter...
Matters in brief of life..

When we hold with dear, so dear..
For what we have, in love and joy,..
Treasured, for it is only to last in brief..

Just in ways 
The eclipse does in brief..
All so treasured in essence brief..

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