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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Words, My point of View

In the beginning, there was the word..
And the word was spoken..

"I have a dream"

So now I speak my word..
I oppose, I object and debate.. 

I make my stand, and I am heard..

Because I speak my word..
I state my point of view   
Firmly expressed, I let it be known 

I speak my word
But I am allowed to change my stand..
Because I am open to a debate..

I sit and carefully listen..
Analyse, waiting to be convinced ..

Of one's point of view, in discussion..

Time changes
And with it an enlightenment..

So now I know, that which ..

I did not know before..
A discussion, a reasoning 

"I am allowed to change my stand"..

But before that; I need to be convinced..

And for that to happen,..

Both sides need to be heard..

My point view, is my point of view..

I am open to a challenge..
A debate , a discussion, reasoning..

To change my stand, 

Does not make me indecisive,..
But rather flexible, open minded..

Open to a debate, a discussion, analysis 
 I believe in a democracy, freedom of speech

Where everyone, can speeches make..

Has a voice and can be heard..
With reason, analogy 

An opinion on a subject matter 
However, that comes with responsibility..
Because I CANNOT be insulted by the fact ..

That, everyone has the right to an opinion..

As even with a democracy..

There are rules to be adhered to..

Like instruction manuals, the dos and don'ts 

So sometimes I bite my tongue and turn away..
I do the walk, and walk on by 

And hope you do the same too, in response ..

Because, I cannot be insulted..
Just for the sake of it..

For just that sake, insults ..

Everyone has the right to an opinion..
The time, place and what is said ..

Is what makes the difference, on stages drawn..

So now I pick my time..
Here and now, this stage befitting 

And speak my word..
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  1. I like the fact that this poem touches on an "allowance to change our minds." The only thing constant is change.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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