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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Paused In Actions.

Zooming in, into the spiders web..
Seen on cctv's..
Viewing in on movements..
Made by the worker ants, bees..
In antics wilier dealer, dealing away..
What's on offer..

Eyes sees vividly wide..
Nope, blinded, too much fuss..
Hase in on games watched..
Dilly dally, wilier dealer, dealing..
Diddle dee, Dillinger in waiting..
Cow boys in sheriffs, renegades..

Well, we will hunt these hyaenas in packs..
Fools out of town..
For now though blinded..
Too much fuss..
Paper work, too much fuss..

Blinded, let him be..

Just the worker ant bee, that be..
Just the one vic that is..
Nah she is long gone, wasted..
Too far gone,..
Too much fuss, paper work..
Too much fuss, Blinded, let him be..

Queen bee, in on sight for target..
Wanted, bigger fish, fishing now..
Bait let him be, too much fuss..
Paper work, too much fuss..

Mean while another vic..
Falls in on dust, inhaled soils..
Six feet under, too far gone..

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