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Monday, 12 April 2010

Difference in my Oxeye daisy..

For all that we are,..
Beliefs and stands..

For all that we are..
Faith, Science, Race and Sex..
A school of thought to have belonged to ..

And the man with faith says..
Don't ask about evolution..
God created the heavens and earth..
Faith decides the rest..

The Einsteinian and Darwinian..
Says in response arguing to a point

Gravity; what goes up must come down..
Evolution is just a natural process..

Quantum Physics sets out middle grounds  ..
Still with vague and blurry lines 
Says all that is thought of is possible..
With parallel worlds and tinny..
Atoms that freely float, and defy gravity..

But no man answers the question..
Of the Big bang!!!..
Truly really 

And the "Black hole" seriously..

What of where it all came from..
No magic, or Santa clues stories..
What was before genesis and before that..

The difference between my ox-eye daisy
Still can't tell me, what answers I seek
No man answers the questions..
Of when if the Goldie luck Planet..
Like for like, like Earth..
Will ever be found, 
As a fact, all chips in..

And science of today..
Becomes assumptions made..
On what is known,..
To be proven false in times to come..

I as a man, I belong to three..
School of thoughts..
Which all leaves..
Questions Unanswered..

This is why I can not be a fanatic..
Just lost in translation,..
Translated as open minded..

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