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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Checks, and Measures

Ba da ba da ba da, ba da bim..

Ba da bom, Va va voom, in el paso ..

And Bobs your uncle..

Bobs still the builder,..
Bum in the air, bum still showing, ..
And my house looks, looks on its head..

Oops for the French..
Parental advice in showing..
Bonjour, you, if we are just meeting..
Hands shakes as courtesy..

Job done, Job well done..
Job very well done, Ba da bim..

And just to be sure, I am still checking..
Ba da bom, avoiding dj, de ja, dj, de ja vu..

Don, done and dusted, off with the wolfs....

Va va voom, va va vooooo..
Va va voom, va va voom, va va wooo..

And we done now, trusted..
Trust to be earned like respect..
This here Sir, Madam..
Is to be earned for..
Ba da bim. Ba da bom..
Va va voom..

Checks and measures
All in place, Like ba da bim..
Still checks and measures

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