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Friday, 16 April 2010

I am otherwise Engaged

I am,..
But at the beginning of..

Something new,..
Something tested,..
Something old, re-emerging..

Something seen through..
The eyes of the visionary,..
Prophecy through crystal balls,...
Shaman's speech...

In-between that,..
I am in the middle of..
Paying bills, tax man's cut,...
Landlords knock, 6 o'clock wake..
9 o'clock start, 5 o' clock finish...

My eggs in basket..
Are low on count..
Delicacy, forward thinking..
In action required here..

Strive in strike my metal is hot...

I am,
But in the middle of..
Something tested,..
Still being tested...
Test result awaited for..
I am otherwise occupied, engaged..
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