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Thursday, 8 April 2010

"U Know Monie Issues"..

I could be a millionaire
If I had the money

Nah; me nho ave no monie...
Man broke man, real broke man..
Chi-chins in pennies, sing gospel songs..
In na me pocket, baskets waits for collections 

Ha-lle-lu- jah ,
 alle-lu -ia, 

Church bells sounds, dem a fi make..
Constantly, but constantly one less ..
Ire man hear dem make,..
Sounds constantly chi-chin one less..

Seriously man!, me broke man ..
Me nho ave no monie..
You know, real broke man..

Thorn holes, little thorn holes, Strainers..
Cockroaches, picking crumbs ..
Through little thorn holes..
In nah me pocket..
Oliver twist dem drain me dry, aahh!!..

Me tell you maaaan, me broke man ..
Me nho ave no monie ..
Man dem broke man still!!..
Ire; man bruk ..

Still, one less constantly one less..
Me hear make chi-chin..
In na me pocket ..
Man just bruk ..


  1. If this isn't already set to music, it should be. (Actually it has a music all its own.) What a lament and what a wonderful dialogue.

  2. I sang it in my mind, automatically. Rhythm and vernacular are ideally matched. Terrific write.

  3. lovely play on the prompt.


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