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Sunday, 25 April 2010

So Out of it

Why do I feel so out of it..  
In it deep past shoulder height..  
Highly choking in, on oxygen's gust..  

Alien thoughts invading minds..  
Awol wandering, wondered minds  
Lost in bewilderment's hung on chains..  

Incapacitated muscles stack out pointing.. 
On junctions, in circles, going nowhere.. 
Erased from time is ghostly passage..  

And in limbo, stood in cycles..
Stack in limbo all around limbo 
All in limbo, limbo, limbo 

Why do I feel so out of it..
Keys to doors, doors to keys..
Held in search for always, ways in..

In it deep past shoulder's height..
Drowning in, on solid grounds, stood on firm soil 
Loosely giving way losing grounds 

Long being in,  for far too long ..
Dissolution set sealing seal 
Cold in the arctic, dessert so bland, white ..

Why do I feel so out of it..
Sun light's ray, now so much hoped for.. 
Sun light blessed to brighten paths ..

Voices in heads yelling out 
Why do I feel so out of it 
In it, deep past shoulders height 

There is someone at the door 
Go and check, go and check 
Who is there, who is there 


  1. Hi Kodjo, some days I find myself wondering the same!.

  2. Mama said there'd be days like this.. mama said..

  3. At times we need to feel out of it, if only to appreciate when we feel completely in sync :)

  4. I concur with Mary's thoughts.

  5. I love image here. It fits poem so well.

  6. Hi Kodjo ~~ Very descriptive of a person going in circles.
    I like it. :)
    My favorite lines (really a sad affair when it's like this):
    "Keys to doors, doors to keys..
    Held in search for always, ways in.."

    I would be searching for ways out.

    My thoughts:

    Sometimes when I'm down
    I have visions of rolling,
    over and over,
    head down, over and around,
    head down, over and around,
    again and again until,
    I then go crashing through,
    a second story window,
    to make my escape!

    I like too, the ending lines where there is hope holding out. Good job.

  7. New to this site and have been away from blogging for a long time and am really feeling like this poem at this moment. best image for me Keys to doors, doors to keys held in search for always, all ways in.
    Like your blog concept can I email you about it?


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