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Friday, 9 April 2010

The Last Stand

First To Go..
Last To Go...
Next to a significant figure..
100, yea say 100..99 wouldn't cut it..
Statistically where do I fall..

To be remembered when I am gone?...

My image my life..
Used as poster boy..
On journeys through bewilderment..
These vast array, in oceans of casualty..

Should I be selfish and live?..
Save my skin..
Stand by and watch a comrade..

Lie stunned on the emptiness of desert..
Deserted at the mercy in vulnerability..
Of t' unforgiving dragon’s den of fairydust..

Or should I be a hero..
And die as one saving another..
Not on 99, one more makes me a 100, a hero..
"Send farewells to my mother"..

It is no longer a rational decision..

Just instincts filled with adrenaline..
What do I do next, what to do next?..
Am I a hero?..

I leave others to decide..

My body and soul..
No longer synchronised in one..

A' my life flashes flashbacks..
Of my past; To me..

While I stand guard, of comrades..
99 is one away, and that would be me 

1 comment:

  1. Yes!my friend this is good,i love it.


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