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Tuesday, 13 April 2010


In little feet’s of dwarf 
In my adolescent youth 
In Locomotion 

Through yards  
Of unexplored worlds  
I step, a feet at a time 
Anticipation and trepidation  
Glued on pavements of red sand 
On my feet, evidence of tango danced 

Every day I go a step further 
From the nest in which 

I was cradled in comfort 

Addiction of an excitement     
For new conquest I venture  
Dis-virgined by visions inhaled 

Verbal chants made loud in my ears as caution  
Like unwelcome trumpets, of kings parade 
“Do not enter into the dark forest” 

Deterring me not  

I am a rebel determined  
The hunter will come to know me as so 
Edged on by passions of solicitation 
To whisk into unseen worlds of enigma 
It is an adventure, I seek on my quest 

To be enlighted through paths I walk 
These forest would soon be mine to own  
These wings will soon be aerial tested 

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