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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Drive bys on Sundays

Some-days on Sundays..
Sundays in sun light...
All in all in good times..
Just days in good times..
When all feels, just right..
Oh yea, just right..

When the breeze is smooth..
And trees just whisper ; not shout..
When the birds fly west..
Out-towards, unto-wards the sun set..

Set on Sundays..
Just on Sundays , noontides..
Just past middays, noontimes..
I do my drive-by, on Sundays..
Just on Sundays..

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  1. i LOVE it!!! I can feel the breeze and hear the trees whispering..

  2. Great sound to your poem both in cadence and through word choice. The lines capture the feel of a cool breeze. Nice Write, K!

  3. A wonderful way to spend Sundays.


  4. There's a softness here, a kind of fondness for what is seen on the drive-by without referring directly to what's being seen. Well done.

  5. Oh that every Sunday would drive like this. Reads like a song. put it to music KD

  6. You brought back memories of when I was a youngster. In the summer, almost every Sunday afternoon, we all crawled in the back of my brother-in-laws pick-up and went for a Sunday drive. What a fun time that was.

    What a great and fun poem today KD.

  7. I don't know that we ever designated drives to Sundays... but love to take the leisurely scenic drive, letting the wind kiss the cheeks through the windows. You so captured that essence.

  8. I loved reading this. Started smiling halfway through the first stanza and ended with a big grin. Made me feel good reading the poem.

  9. Playful Sunday, rhythmic Sunday, just the way Sunday should be--you've captured it in words. Thanks!

  10. I love the hypnotic feeling of this poem, the rhythm and repitition. very nice :)

  11. let me correct my spelling :) "repetition"

  12. You've captured the feeling of the picture very well in your exuberant feeling for the moment here. Enjoyed it.

  13. what a lovely read -- lyrical and beautiful. enjoyed it very much!


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