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Friday, 23 April 2010

The Old Comedy Club

Remember the old comedy club..
Where it stood now no more..
In it's ears n eyes of windows boarded..
And laughters from door mouth..
Locked up, fenced up, shut closed..

Remember in Bristol on Gloucester road..
Stoke croft of old Montpelie..
Just before the Arches..
Next to Fred Baker's cycle shop..

A comedian made jokes of the end times..

We all laughed almost on queue  
In times now life imitating art..
Ghost whispers now echoes of laughters..
On jesters of the old comedy club..

Passions for what fights we fought..
In loosing battles, f
or lost course fought..
The super market won in the end

Remember the old comedy club
Remember me not on remembrance..
Of  drummers of sorrowful ending..

If for that, on that only..
Remember me then no more..
Let me be gone like I never existed 

For I rather in minds be remembered of comedy..
Joys of laughter,
in my old comedy seating..
Remember me of the good times gone..

With laughters from jester's 
Of old comedy club..
Remember my door was always opened 


  1. Wonderful. Full of smiles and darkness.

  2. Beautiful - and a very touching tribute.

  3. They can board up the old comedy club, but they can't board up the memories! Wonderful verse and photo!

  4. And it looks as if someone wants to convert the Comedy Club into a Tesco store. In its own way that is the kind of joke that is worthy of a comedy club.

  5. How sad to lose a comedy club, just when we all could use a good laugh!

  6. A great photo and poem to go with it. Sad to lose these old places to supermarkets!

  7. I hate seeing favorite places closed, then boarded up and changed to something else. We just recently lost a favorite restaurant this way. Your poem is a wonderful tribute.

  8. remember me of the good times...the joy and laughter....i like that...old places like this carry such memories as well...

  9. I like the positive spirit, despite the sadness ~ Remember the good times is the best thing to carry us ~


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