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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Thesis “Cockroaches In Suits “

If you dying to see, you zombie..
So then you brain dead..
So you can't see, blinded,..

Prices paid for, 
Ends, means,..
Needs to be justified..

Slaughter in carnage, 

On to be made kings..
Blood money, riches gained..

On the back of treachery..
Betrayal of trust, in on deals..
For pact made to sell souls..

Love ones watched hanged on crosses..
Judases in multiples on goodfridays..
Fat cat still trying to gauge riches..
Or die trying..

So then you brain dead so you can't see..

The Y'ness of political sides opposing 
But to a single interest, of self interest   It all comes down to a point, a singularity 

Confused state of minds..
Of your estado mental de la mente..
Not to worry, you are expected 
To be lost in translation 

And I don't do Spanish
I just know words, in meaning"..
Such as Spanish inquisition..
In self indulgence of ..
Politics in pure capitalist mindset..

I say, simplified defined in thesis..
Arrogance is not much..
In any difference from Ignorance..

And they just like playing..
The blame game, cockroaches..
Politicking in suits, roaches

Thesis cockroaches in suits..

If you dying to see,
In believing smokescreens..

You brain dead, blinded..
So you can't see
, blinded..
Ok, now turn the light on

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