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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Windows Of My Eye

I see through windows..
In sight of view..
Into the horizons of grace..

Of the morning dew..

In windows, in golden glare..
Of the blessed sun's ray..
Setting, blowing ,..

Kisses to days ends..

I see through windows..
The tribal dance, Of the forest trees..
Moving with flair..
Synchronising rhythm in dance..

I see through windows..
With enchanting calmness..
In flows of waves in oceans..
In deep blue oceans..

And dolphins that jump out..
Playing pica boo 

In happiness..

I see through windows..
In windows sometimes..
Tear drops fall out , like water falls

In succession, uncontrollable..

For what is seen in windows..
Sometimes, on 
Saddens the heart's warmth..
In vivid imagery.. 

I see through windows..
Windows of eyes into souls..
All that is there to be seen..
In windows of my realm..

I see through my two 

Opened windows..
Earth's beauty..
In pain and happiness..

In movie marts..
Unedited in its ways..
I see through windows, 

Of my eye..



  1. Thank You!!! My favorite until next one!Ciao

  2. I love the windows of your eye.

  3. I love the rhythm that the repetition creates...

  4. The windows to see in and out :o)

  5. You see much joy and beauty. That is a wonderful thing.

  6. Such beautiful imagery! I love the feel of this piece it makes me grateful for the beauty I witness everyday


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