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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Treasures Of Life

In treasures of life,..
In life I have lived..
In living I have witnessed, through paths of life..
In paths I have walked on, along my journey home..

In things I have seen, in places I have been..
In people I have met, on the long way home..
In days I wish were unending,...
In tears I did cry of joy..
In movies of the tear jerkers, 
In t' sight of  my eye, that renders..

In hugs and smell, handshakes and smile..
In the rains  that fall, that wet my soul

In the sun burns I felt, in summers day 
In winter's chill, that shivers my bones

In springs breeze,  and sensations on my skin..

On relief of pain for joy,..
Of success and strive..
Of failure and cliff hangers..
Of anxiety and despair..
Of all the memories I have..

And oh so, so treasured..
And when finally I am gone..
And my wish of treasured memories..
Are stored in vaults  awaiting my rebirth..

If ever I am  reincarnated 
If ever I make it back to this world  
If ever I am reborn again, where ever in this world
If  only you could give me, such treasures of memory 

I had before, I would be grateful 
On living again on this earth
And having all that beauty to cherish 
If only this was part of the package of reincarnation 

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