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Friday, 2 April 2010

Hear Say; Hear, Hear

Ok, ok, ok;
 In case studies.. 
Just in case, cases arise..
On course of what case..

Was in the grape vine;..
Through thin air;..
With walls that hears..

Was devolved, deluged, in articulation..
Detrimental in ways, wikipedia in parts..
Setting balls rolling in avalanche..
Nope, not have a launch..

Launching with fist,
Crouching tiger..
Leaving tribal marks..
In plastic surgery ,
On the face of;..

I am in shook;..
I have been shot;..
With a dosage of her; 
Hear say venom..

In case studies..
Penetrating, with Vail..
Perpetuated, by so so pons..

Just in case, cases arise..
Careful in reactions, so not to..
Please just so not to..

Perpetuate surgery, 
On the innocent..
Stop, look, listen, carefully..

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