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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Ghost in Rooms

Silence is before chaos like zero before one..
A silver plate dropped, turns into..
A dancing flamingo in tap dance..
On the floor, in silent rooms..

Ta-da ta-da ta-da ta-daaaaa ta..
To the quietness in rooms..
Silence goes back, from plates dropped..
To order of form, as you were 

So what was before zero..
Or trigged one to become of zero..
And zero was no more on  post stands..
In subsequent consequential 

Where it stood no more, one stands now..
In predecessors suits, fitting with perfection 
Like forgotten silence of what was before 
In  anarchy's chaos indulgence to be the, "in thing now"  

The question of the chicken and the egg..
A paradigm in predicaments..
Ends with a third party response..
From out of the box observations 

Unknown to the forth party..
Who tries to solve the conundrum..
Of x plus dash = dash..
Who came first, the chicken or the egg..

What was before zero..
Larking in the silence of time 
Like the forgotten prodigal son..
In dark elements, in the universe take..

To be, the catalyst of change..
And dark matter in fine terms tinkering away ..
Defined to convince the unconvinced..
As "I don't know what there is..
But there is something out there"..

Like what is heard between..
Two radio frequency stations..
What is seen, between two shinning stars..
There is a ghost out-there, in rooms unseen..

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