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Friday, 4 June 2010

Price of Involvement

Do not surround me 
With your honey suckle..
And drain my life's juice, out of me..
Licking your lips, in the process in pomposity..
Like a carniflora of sarracenia  ..

Lure me in, with sweet scents..
Aroma of delicious, delicacy..
Seduce me into "control" of daze..

Draw me in, 
With each and every step I take..
Drag me in with tow ropes, reinforced..
Obliterating any defenses; I  man, put up..

Do not devour my "flesh", 
To my bear bones..
Leaving no resemblance 
For my mother, to identify  me by..

Send infections, as sensors missiles.. 
To corrupt my mind's intellect..
Leaving me with amnesia..
Asking myself in questions,
" who am I", 'what, what' ..

Emotions are  dangerous..
Like the weakest points, 
Links on chains of the might..
Un-rationalising, rational..

It brings pain in swiftness "razor" sharp 
Without physical cuts; no trace..
Such weights on hearts, 
Do not lure me in, just to devour me..

What of life to be lived, 
Cherished memories, to be had..
The feel of vertigo, views to be seen
Of being alive, feeling alive..

What of smiles and of joy..
Celebrated moments 
Warmth, tears and cries..

Draw me in please, to be engaged 
While omelettes, sacrifices broken eggs..
For good taste, in appetites, to be had..
No way am I to be denied by hurt..


  1. yes you need to live and feel and hurt.Great poem

  2. Lot of emotion in this piece.


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