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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Summer solstice, Oasis

And to this day, "note to all weird poetry"..

Said to be the longest day..
And why  be on a Monday..
Yes Monday, working day, long day ..

Just after, the weekend be..
Gone for four days, more to come..
The gods are at it again day, laughing mad..

Someone, something, in something said..
Someone said, something about poetic justice..
To do with Monday being the longest day..
Summer solstice,  fallen on a working day..
Choking me, in neck tie worn, dry throat gained..
Sat behind desk, of 9 to 5..

This be on Wednesday now..
Three days in of 9 to 5..
Sat here writing off, on Monday's stories..

Happy place, happy place..
Send yourself, to a happy place..
Lets mark, lets tick, lets jot..
The good points down..

1.The sun is out..good..
2.It's midday now..good good..
3.It's midweek now..goooood..
4.Two days left for the weekend grace..nice!

Oh but it fell, on a Monday, working day..
And all in week of 9 to 5, the sun is out..
It's midday now, still more in hours to go till 5..
And sauna burning in office seats, sat..
Warming body temperature up, in ovens ..

But for the feel of quinchy taste..
Summer's fruits, in Oasis drinks..
Making passage, down my throat..
Oh such feeling in ecstasy joy..
Mimics, my Saturdays, feels so good..

Told you it was a weird poem, to start off with.. 
"Note to all, this is not a commercial take"..
Found myself just enjoying a drink..

1 comment:

  1. another shining example of creative poetry, superb :)


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