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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

On Stage Fright

I will not yet know, why apprehension..
Engulfed me and every step I took..
And spiders web, 
Laid siege to my ankle..

Watching spartan's swords melt..
By the sight of sun , on battle fields..
After chants of "this is a good day to shine"..
Had been sang..

And my voice 
Was without sound..
Shouting out loud in maim..

What little there was..
Vibrated in earth quake shatter..
A second passes, 
Just left fright in earth tremors..

I have watched toddlers grace this stage..
And comedians, oh comedians..
Making some laugh, 
Love, cry and hate..

Others read, from others inscriptions..
There made it their own, 
In spoken words verses..
Acts that follows..

And I wrote this, this is my words..
My own words, 
Echoed in thoughts projection..
And I be made, the author of..

But my knees gave in,
Into dance pattens..
Of shaken vibrations, 

I felt myself losing it..
Sweats on forehead,..
Gave evidence to observers watch..

Why this hesitation, 
Apprehension's weight..
This is my words, my own words..

And I will not yet know why..
My knees gave in, 
My knees gave in..

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