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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Start Line, Finish

Look away , walk away..
Or forever, hold your peace or torture..
Of visions locked in memory..
Flash backs in ground-hog days..

It is really tough, starting up..
That is just a given..
Like post stamps on envelopes...
The Postman is only interested, after..

Come fly with me..
Lets fly, lets fly again..
Runways needed,  for flights paths..
And you better be ready to run..

If you are with the squeamish, doubters..
Parental advice given to the innocent..
Grab a brown paper bag,  for regurgitating..
Sea sickness, on voyage..

Like with a booze, a little sippy sippy...
One is never sure, what reaction..
The other will have..
Assumptions are dangerous..

Just so you know, on assumptions made..
The fat man, turns to out last...
The skinny man on drinks...
'I will drink you under the table' said he
When the drink start pouring out, of fountains...

But on walk paths, through Sahara's..
No one knows, who makes it to the end..
Mass over time, plus distance travelled..
Assumptions are dangerous; I say...

Unknown elements in the equation..
Are like black elements in the Universe..
Perseverance is twins to success..
Under rating, mining, is a foolish man's guess work..

It is really tough starting up..
But I will see you..
When we get there, if ever we get there.. 

In poetry,..
That is just a step, over the finish line..
Just a step....

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